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Eco-friendly solutions for parked aircrafts

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What we do

Smart Climate Scandinavian offers environmentally friendly heating and cooling units for parked commercial aircraft. Our solution takes leverage on the waterborne system for heating or cooling and provides environmentally friendly heating/cooling in a cost efficient way.

When the aircraft is parked on ground at an airport it needs ventilation and pre-conditioned air for heating or cooling of the cabin. The pre-conditioned air is typically provided by an Air Climate Unit, which is either runs on electricity or diesel, or the aircraft internal system which uses jet fuel – in comparison to our waterborne solution this requires relatively much energy and is less cost efficient. Our solution is compatible with any type of airliner and will give you an eco-friendly heating/cooling at reduced operating costs.With our technology there are two winners – the environment and the economy!


Smart Climates PCA unit delivers air for ventilation, heating or cooling of the aircraft according to AHM974 and AHM975. It provides control over energy use and cabin temperature and is suitable for use with all types of aircrafts.

The SC Mobile unit is suitable for aircraft parked at free stands without a boarding bridge. The unit is self-propelled, requires no towing and can easily be maneuvered by one person.

Smart Climate

The SC fixed unit is suitable for aircraft parked at stands with a boarding bridge. The unit can be mounted on the ground, hanging under the bridge or even inside a building depending on local preference.

Smart Climates own flexible duct with excellent insulation saves up to 20% energy. The duct becomes flat and can easily be folded or rolled when not in use. Material properties makes it light weight, durable and very manageable in cold temperatures.

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JURYNS MOTIVERING: Med hållbarhet i fokus har teamet skapat en genomtänkt idé som kan bidra till både miljömässiga och ekonomiska vinster. Det starka teamet i kombination med produktens innovation ger idén mycket stor tillväxtpotential som kan förändra en hel marknad.